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About me

hmmm i'm Monica. im 16. i attend highskool. im in a relationship with thisamazing boii 8 months now. i have like four bestfriends. Bionca shes my SLFL and i luhh her, Kyla(tyla//tyler) shes known for being stuck up i make her b a better person shes lucky too have me!, Terry (wow-wow) shes known for being a loner im like one of her only friends haha, and John Andrew!! hes amazing!!! idk wut else to say haha i luv yew!!


i like hanging out wit friends.i play volleyball im like actually pretty good!! haha i do nething thats fun!! i take chances. im a pretty amazing person!! haha jk but i like pretty much every one and if i dnt u will definately know it!! haha


nething thats not dumb or like rock!! mostly r&b hiphop and country!!

Movies and TV:

hmm idk i dnt really watch that much tv. but nething that interests me. like reality shows!


VOLLEYBALL is pretty much amazing!! its like my life!! haha football is amazing to watch my skool team is pretty good!! i wud never play!!same with bball i get told i should play but i just dnt see any point in it....




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